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Private Practice

Move through trauma, depression, and stress to enjoy greater freedom, choices, support, and confidence .
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Online Grief Support

Providing gentle guidance and resources so mothers can find comfort, peace, and hope after loss. You are not alone. You are not crazy. You are grieving.
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Free Grief Support Workshops

Get Your Complementary Mending Hearts Comfort Package. Resources, inspiration, and gentle guidance to support you after loss.
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Tara May’s program from heartbreak to healing transformed my life.

(The Mending Hearts Program was formerly called From Heartbreak to Healing)Tara May’s program from heartbreak to healing transformed my life. Tara creates a very unique experience with this program by giving you a space to connect with other women, but also learn techniques to support your grieving. I entered the program with low self-esteem and in despair, but the end of the program I reengaged in life. I have more confidence and motivation.” DK

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