Through psychotherapy and grief coaching, I support you after a tragedy.

I know we can’t change what’s already happened, but we can change how we live with it.

Loss. We all experience it. That doesn’t mean we know how to deal with it. It can feel so big and overwhelming that you don’t want to come out from under the covers. You don’t have the motivation to figure out how to get your life back on track.

The sad truth is most people don’t get help because they don’t know what’s possible.

I’m Dr. Tara May. For 20 years I’ve helped people walk through the darkest moments of their lives so they can develop the strength, confidence, and compassion they need to restore purpose and meaning.

You don’t have to go through this alone…

Psychotherapy Practice

Facilitating the inner strength and resilience that lives within us.

Through psychotherapy, we can work through your past traumas and remove fears and obstacles that keep you from connecting more deeply to yourself and others. Dr. May has a special interest in supporting parents to overcome the stress and grief associated with infertility, birth trauma, miscarriage, stillbirth, and post-partum mood difficulties.

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Grief Coaching

Helping parents find comfort, peace, and connection after the loss of their baby.

After the loss of our baby, we cry, we get angry, we miss what was, what was supposed to be. We might feel lost, disconnected, and withdrawn from the world.

This is grief. But where do we go from here and how do we find our way back to shore?

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My clients show greater levels of STRENGTH, HOPE, HEALING, PEACE, and ENJOYMENT in their lives.

We can work together to reduce the fear and obstacles that prevent you from living your best life.

I’d be honored to support you on your journey.

It feels amazing to know that all the work we did together was critical in helping me be able to bring myself out into the world. I really wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the work we did together and you helped me do for myself.

- Unsolicited testimonial from a former psychotherapy client.

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For over 20 years, Dr. May has been helping people overcome their obstacles and heal from tragedy.

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